Excess Poly provides Plastic Recycling Services for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and processing facilities throughout Idaho.

We are buying, selling and recycling the following:

  1. Plastic components and parts from manufacturing.
  2. Plastic regrind persisting of all grades.
  3. Obsolete Plastic Virgin Resin.
  4. Plastic Pallets.
  5. Plastic Totes and Dunnage Trays.
  6. Plastic Pipe.
  7. Bales and Rolls of Plastic Film and Stretch Wrap Recycling.

We specialize in Post-Industrial Plastic Recycling Solutions for businesses throughout the US and Canada. Our skilled professionals have 25 years of experience adding value to materials that were at one point headed for the landfill. Our vast experience has helped companies of all kinds realize hidden value and returns throughout their waste stream and have put valuable dollars back into their pockets.

Contact us today and let our experience in the marketplace go to work for you.

 Cities that we serve for plastic recycling in Idaho include BoiseNampaMeridianIdaho FallsPocatello


Agricultural/Farming Industries

Food Manufacturing And Packaging

Tech Manufacturing

Aerospace Industry